How far are you from completing your review of Year 2018?

Thank you for the good times 2018 and for the lessons     Today as I am writing my blog, the world population sits at 7,632,819,325. What if 7,632,819,325 people could thank you? How would that make you feel? How many people have actually thanked you in your life? What do people thank you for […]

What do you choose to See?

  The job of an optician is to ask clients questions, do an eye test to see what the client needs. An optician wants to ensure that clients can see. I sometimes think that I am a bit like an optician. I can make you see differently! That’s what my clients say about me. I […]

Discover the secret of communicating

On 6th and 7th November, I attended the annual PR Week Strategic Internal Comms Conference in London as a speaker and as a guest. Discover the secret for communicating change effectively everyday with my highlights and key lessons. Speakers included Rose Riera from Siemens, Sara Luker from The Trainline, Simon Garcia from HSBC, Fran Chambers, […]

How to Resolve Team Conflict

You are a leader managing a team of people. You have become aware that there is conflict between some of your team members. You wonder how you can resolve the team conflict. You see it as a difficult conversation. You can fix a work relation gone sour. Fixing a relationship takes serious effort but it […]

What I learnt from hosting my first Twitter Chat

4 facts you must know about Twitter   In January 2018, there were about 330 millionTwitter users, about a 4% increase over the previous year. 37% of Twitter users are millennials. The average person has 702 followers. Twitter users were between 25and 34 years old. The second-largest user group were 35 to 44 year olds with a 19.5 percent share.   What is a […]

How to have a Difficult Conversation: Part 4

Having a difficult conversation does not always mean that we are dealing with difficult people. In many instances, it will be colleagues we like, we respect and who mean a lot to us as part of our teams. Conflict and differences do not need to push people apart. There is no doubt you are going […]

A career conversation with your Manager

Why wait until your annual review to review your career goals with your manager. When done right, career conversations are a series of conversations designed to help you address your career development needs. A Career Conversation is a valuable platform to raise such issues within the context of your immediate and long-term prospects. 1 Be clear about […]

How to fix a work relationship gone sour

Sometimes you get stuck with someone at work. It may be with your colleague, threatened by your skills, or with a superior unwilling to acknowledge your good ideas, or with a subordinate who undermines you. Whatever is happening, this could be catastrophic for your career, and for your group or organization. What can you do […]

Master the Language of Change

Do you speak the language of change? Language shapes thought and thought shapes actions. What if the language that you use makes it harder to bring about the difference that you want to see? Tony Robbins states that “according to Compton’s Encyclopedia, the English language contains some 500,000 words. Yet the average person’s working vocabulary […]