Coaching clinic

Sometimes it’s good to talk to someone else, someone who doesn’t work in your organisation, and can help you see things from a different perspective. You don’t have to stay stuck.

If you are a manager leading change and need a 30-minute coaching conversation at short notice, I am available online seven days a week.

The advantages are that

I can help you resolve your problem and help you to find answers to your questions immediately. 

It’s easier to schedule 30 minutes than 60 minutes.

It’s easier to focus on one specific topic. There is no time to get sidetracked or distracted by unimportant details.

A 30-minute coaching session is not about analysing a problem. It’s focused on a solution. Performance increases more quickly because barriers have been removed earlier.

You do not have to be kept awake all night!

Book a slot now using the calendar below.