Transform organizational conflict to accelerate your business growth

What is conflict costing your business?

  • The CBI estimates that ‘conflict costs UK business £33 billion per year, taking up 20% of leadership time and potentially losing up to 370 million working days’.
  • Those wasted days come at a cost to your organization in terms of productivity and profitability.
  • Not taking action means that your organization is at a higher risk of expensive employment tribunals, with a negative impact for your company’s reputation.

Financial costs

The Table shows you Employment Tribunal Award Statistics from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. You can read more in my White Paper on Transforming difficult conversations into courageous conversations.

Emotional and psychological costs

  • Leaders spend at least three hours a week having difficult conversations around levels of support (or the lack of it), inappropriate behaviour or managing people out, amongst others. Their working day is filled with difficult conversations or attempts to avoid them. This leads to stress on all sides.
  • Each person suffering from stress, depression or anxiety took about 25.8 days off work in 2018. It’s not just about well-being. Stress affects the quality of decision-making, and incurs costs such as long-term absence, sick pay or unexpected leave. 
  • A Chartered Management Institute survey shows that managers do not have the support or training needed to deal with difficult work-based conversations.  

Online Licensed Training

  • My Online Licensed Training is for your leaders if your organization wants to equip them with the skills to transform difficult conversations into courageous conversations.
  • The training programme is licensed for use to organizations on the basis of a three-year retainer. It can be hosted on your Learning Management System or it can be accessed on MemberVault’s course platform.
  • The programme includes a full Return on Investment Analysis.

The Online Licensed Training will enable your leaders to:

  • Drive successful change with new/different teams
  • Feel confident and empowered
  • Become outstanding in their performance management
  • Avoid costly mistakes by using the right words in their daily conversations with stakeholders
  • Improve staff morale and teamwork, and to reduce work-related stress and staff turnover
  • Accelerate productivity and the creativity that challenging conditions require

Why me?

I am a certified Executive and Leadership Coach specialising in leadership change, with a specialist focus on transforming difficult conversations into courageous ones. 

With over 20 years of teaching experience and working with multinational and governmental organisations around the globe, I have a proven track record of leading change, managing a £15M budget in the public sector. 

I’m now bringing those skills to the corporate world to drive immediate impact and give more leaders the confidence to execute change at a high level and standard.

My Online Licensed Training on Managing Difficult Conversations includes:

  • 10 Interactive modules to encourage your senior leaders to implement new skills so that your workplace quickly becomes more productive.
  • Real business simulations and conversations that are causing stress for your leaders – such as Workplace Bullying, Discrimination, Performance Management, Furlough, Transition, Redundancy and more – so that they are empowered to lead difficult conversations.
  • An online 60-minute monthly hot seat when your leaders can ask questions or get support for their difficult conversations.

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