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Difficult Conversations

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Did you know that not EVERY leader was born with the ability to handle challenging conversations?

Most organisations promote staff into leadership roles without EVER giving them any training for hard conversations… which can be frustrating for new leaders because while you want to succeed and be the best possible manager/director, sometimes you’re put in situations that you’ve never had to handle before.

If you’re co-ordinating leadership development programmes for a large organisation, it can be incredibly frustrating (not to mention costly!) to organise on-site training.

You might experience…

  • Key members of staff being absent and unable to gain access to the training, especially if they are part-time and/or work remotely.
  • The initial training being a huge success… but new staff that are hired AFTER the training, don’t have it – and so you don’t see the long term results you were looking for.
  • A great initial training session, but no ongoing support, so eventually people drift back into their ‘normal’ patterns.

And in my world, when it comes to training leaders how to manage critical conversations, it’s so important for them to engage in their learning on an ongoing basis.

That’s why I’ve developed an online licensed training – ‘Managing difficult conversations’ – the only online tool your organisation needs to train employees how to successfully transform challenging conversations into courageous conversations.

Sneak preview of my Online Licensed Training...

To learn more about how my online licensed training on Managing Difficult Conversations can support your organisation through periods of change and remote working, email me  or  book a no-pressure consultation on my calendar where we can discuss what your organisation needs to move forward with courageous conversations.

My online licensed training includes:

  • 10 Interactive modules to encourage your new and senior leaders to implement new skills immediately so that your workplace quickly becomes more productive.
  • Real scenarios and conversations that are currently causing stress for your leaders – such as Workplace Bullying, Discrimination, Performance Management, Transition, Redundancy and more – so that they have productive and positive conversations around challenging topics and reduce the risk of legal claims.
  • Bitesize modules that can be watched anytime and anywhere on all devices with podcasts, videos, worksheets, learning cards and more, so that the training can be used by all types of learners.
  • An online 60-minute monthly hot seat when participants can ask questions or get support to prepare for their courageous conversations.

The digital learning programme ‘Managing difficult conversations’ has been developed from years of 1:1 + group work… and research from key leaders on the most effective training styles that they’ll use again and again so that your organisation can see BIG results.

Benefits for your organization

Your leaders learn specific communication styles, reducing team inertia and preventing costly mistakes so that the team sees an uplift in overall productivity and performance.

Your leaders overcome communication resistance and increase their confidence in handling difficult conversations. Tension levels go down, communication improves, and colleagues confidently ask for feedback and feedforward.

The programme helps leaders manage relationships with all stakeholders, improving staff morale and well-being, reducing your staff turnover, and increasing your team retention rate.

So if your organisation wants to be an employer of choice and you want to prioritise communication this year, book a phone call with me now to discuss how Managing Difficult Conversations will help reduce your leaders’ work-related stress and help them develop honest and productive business-critical conversations.

What my clients are saying

To learn more email me or  book a no-pressure consultation on my calendar.

Why work with me?

I have 20+ years’ experience in the public and private sectors. Clients who’ve embraced my Managing difficult conversations process include 10 Downing Street, The Cabinet Office (UK), AXA France/UK/Spain, the Ministry of Justice (UK), AJW, Babcock International, University of Surrey.

I’ve worked with national and international ministerial teams and influenced educational policies and leadership processes which have become best practice around the world and most recently in UAE.

I am a qualified Executive and Leadership Coach with ICF (International Coaching Federation).

I work with leaders who want to improve their performance and that of their teams. Using the leadership skills and knowledge I’ve acquired, I can help you make things happen. I’ve driven radical change. I can help you do the same.

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