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I support leaders in all sectors to drive change, overcome stretched challenges, create a growth mindset through coaching, personalised training or consultancy.

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I can bring out the best in you

I support leaders to drive change faster through the power of conversations.

So then the question is: are you willing to transform?

  • to re-write the story?
  • to not recognise yourself?
  • to believe differently?
  • to break habits?


What are you going to do this week, today, now, to drive change successfully?

Change / Transformation

Types of change: leadership, physical, products, stakeholders, people

Culture assessment

Growth mindset and competences

Vision, values, ethics

Design thinking

Habits and behaviours

Communication Strategy

Common language

Influence and persuasion

Quality of social interactions and conversations

Conversational turn-taking

Feedback model | Empathy map

Perspective taking

Building high performing teams

Relationships and wellbeing

Recruitment and onboarding

Talent review process | Manage capacity

Motivation | Managing upwards

Performance Management

Technology and automation

Perceptions of challenges and barriers

Business scenarios and simulations:

Crisis and emergency

Pain: physical, emotional, psychological


Conflict resolution

Managing difficult conversations

Handling personality clashes

Managing disagreements

Ambition and promotion


Impact map

Mock interview with feedback

My basic hourly rate for one-to-one Executive Coaching starts at £800 + VAT. You can read this blog which explains how Executive Coaching can help you. You can also search my blog and my vlogs for articles about challenges that you may face.

I offer a payment plan. I can also invoice your organisation. Please contact me to discuss your requirements or book a free 20-minute conversation.

I always respect client confidentiality and am happy to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) as required. I provide every client with a Coaching Contract or a Statement of Work.

Let's have a

Step 1: Book the day and time that best suit you

Each of my coaching engagement begins with you booking a ‘discovery conversation’. You choose the day and time available on my Calendly. While you are making the booking, you will see some questions. I would be grateful if you could respond to them as they help me to understand your situation.


Step 2: Our ‘discovery conversation’

During our ‘discovery conversation’, we talk about your goals, what it is that you want to achieve and where you are right now. It’s about the distance to travel.  We decide how we can work together. We co-construct.


Step 3: You make the decision

I generally work using Zoom, Skype or phone. If you prefer face-to-face, that’s ok with me too. It’s what makes you most comfortable.

My basic hourly rate is £800 + VAT. We can devise a package to suit your needs and discuss your requirements if you need a payment plan. I always respect client confidentiality and am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as required.


Step 4: Our first coaching conversation

In our first session, we outline the road map, we define your ROI (Return on Investment), what your success looks like and how to measure it.

Book a discovery call with me to discuss how we can work together.

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Enable your leaders to influence change faster through the power of conversation

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